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Left Circle WBS Title
HALAMAN MUKE   Slamet dateng di homepagenye WBS.

Disini ente bisa bace-bace tentang apaan sih perabotan bernama WBS ini. Sesude bace-bace entu, ente juge bise tau ape aje nyang bisa dibisa'in ame ini perabot.

Ente bisa nyobain make ini benda; Ente download, terus instal deh. Abis itu ente pake. Kalo suka dan mao terus make'nye, daptarin deh ke tempat daptar. Selame mase alpha dan beta tes, pendaptaran digratisin. Gratisnya ini setaun, nyampe Desember taun nyang lagi berjalan gittu.

UPDATE: Due to the buziness on my personal (I'd get married very soon) and proffesional life (I just moved to a new office), I've barely been able to maintain the code and registration procedure for this apps ((No new code has been added in these two months.. what a shame.. and by this second week of Dec, I have at least two dozen registration request still hanging on my inbox). So I've decided that the next thing to do for me for this thing is to remove the registration process, and let WBS be free of charge for good. I hope this will be done at least by the end of January 2002.

Ye udeh deh.. Met ngubek-ngubek disini deh. Smoge ente dapet manpaatnye.